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Melancholy Star is a newly emergent boutique VFX, Art & Film Studio, based in London.

We provide a range of services in-house to fulfill your project needs:

CG Services/Visual Effects including VFX Supervision on Set, Animation (Computer), Computer Graphics, Credits/ Idents/Titles, Design, Digital Matte Painting, Picture Manipulation, Camera Tracking, Green Screen Removal, Set Extension, CG Pyrotechnics, Digital Props, Digital Creatures, 3D Environments
Production/Creative Services including Storyboards, Concept Art, Production Design, Prop Design, Stand-by Art Direction, Pitch/Promotional Art

Meet the Team

The company is the vision of director/VFX artist Konstantinos Koutsoliotas & designer Elizabeth E. Schuch: a creative studio providing top quality VFX, uniquely styled art services, and producing highly visual films - always with an intense passion for aesthetic quality. The beautiful, the fantastical, and the eccentric are always in the forefront of our imaginations, and we foster a creative environment that thrives on collaboration.

Officially founding the company in 2011, the dynamic duo have been working together since 2004, on projects spanning commercials, titles, 2D-3D shadow play backgrounds for films, live circus design, music videos, theatre projection, scripts, and other adventures. Both trained in CGI at the Glasgow School of Art, Kostas comes from a traditional arts background, and Elizabeth from theatre design.

Using our network of brilliant freelance animators and associates in music, circus, and theatre, we can provide powerful artistic backing to Film & VFX projects. Kostas’ Greek heritage has given company a vested interest in the stories and cinema of Europe, growing stronger with our first Greek feature film production underway.

Our Vision
Passion, Creativity, Elbow Grease

Director, VFX Supervisor
Konstantinos Koutsoliotas


Art Director
Elizabeth E. Schuch


What We Do

Melancholy Star is a London-based CGI and creative studio providing high-end 3D visual effects services for Feature Films, Promos /Music Videos, Idents, Titles, Commercials and more.

Alien worlds, realistic vehicles and luxury products, unusual creatures, explosions, logo graphics, green screen & tracking services, compositing, set extensions and matte painting: these are just the beginning of what we can provide in house.

On the creative side, we can work with you on story development, artwork for film presentation packets & pitches, storyboards, concept art, set design, and art department needs. Keeping our customer list small and exclusive, we focus all of our attention on meeting your needs, and we offer boutique service packages at competitive industry rates.

For our rate card, and to discuss your needs, please get in touch.

Latest Projects
Featured Project

‘The Winter’ (Ο Χειμώνας): Melancholy Star’s first in-house feature film is a Greek-language movie in the haunting/fantasy genre, now coming to audiences worldwide.

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