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With an artistic eye, we produce top-notch VFX and CGI. Our strengths lie with our passions: the dark, fantastical, and the dramatic.

Melancholy Star is a studio capable of handling feature-length VFX, and we give added value to commercials, promos, and titles with our unique visual sensibility.

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Our tool belt is packed with award-winning design services for perfecting the creative side of your film or project.

We can help you through Script development stages with Storyboards and Concept Art, then take it further with Production Design and VFX supervision on set, or just add the explosive finishing touches with CGI and post production comps.

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In addition to providing VFX and Design services, Melancholy Star is dedicated to producing its own unique films. Currently in production, The Winter (Ο Χειμώνας) 2013, is an independent feature film, shot in Greece and London.

A company project directed by Konstantinos Koutsoliotas, written with Elizabeth E. Schuch, the visually-driven film will use VFX in a groundbreaking way for audiences in Greece.

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Recent Projects

The Winter
FILM 2013
The Winter


Category: Feature Film Production

THE WINTER (Ο Χειμώνας) 2013, Melancholy Star’s first in-house feature film, is a Greek-language movie in the haunting/fantasy genre.

TV Docs
TV 2012/3

MEGA Documentaries

Category: Storyboard Art

Exciting factual TV that features work from our Art Department..

VFX 2012


Category: Feature Film VFX

Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, now available on DVD, we’ve crafted over 150 VFX shots for this alien invasion thriller.

What We Do

Melancholy Star is a London-based CGI and creative studio providing high-end 3D visual effects services for Feature Films, Promos /Music Videos, Idents, Titles, Commercials and more.

Alien worlds, realistic vehicles and luxury products, unusual creatures, explosions, logo graphics, green screen & tracking services, compositing, set extensions and matte painting: these are just the beginning of what we can provide in house.

On the creative side, we can work with you on story development, artwork for film presentation packets & pitches, storyboards, concept art, set design, and art department needs. Keeping our customer list small and exclusive, we focus all of our attention on meeting your needs, and we offer boutique service packages at competitive industry rates.

For our rate card, and to discuss your needs, please get in touch.

Featured Project

‘The Winter’ (Ο Χειμώνας): Melancholy Star’s first in-house feature film is a Greek-language movie in the haunting/fantasy genre, now coming to audiences worldwide.

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